Welcome to Germany

It´s more than true: Germany is a country of people with a higher need for safety. Thats why you can get every insurance you could think of here. We have more than 400 insurance companies and a lot more insurance solutions. To help our customers find the best option, we founded the company Vordenker in Berlin. As a independend insurance broker we are working for our clients and in their best interests. We will also be happy to help you with your insurance stuff during your stay in Germany. With our help you do not have to educate yourself as a professional in insurance. We make it easy for you to take out and manage your insurance and we always give you the information you need to make a decision.


So don't worry: We will not explain all insurance solutions in Germany. This guide just introduce the insurances you should know about. But at first we shortly explain our Service so you can decide if you want to be our client or do everything on your own.

What are we doing at vordenker?

A "Vordenker" is someone, who Plans for the future, not just the present.

We´re supporting our clients to find the best insurance policies and products. Therefore, we need to sign a brokage agreement with our clients. This contract includes different agreements, clarifies responsibilities and gives us the permission to work on their behalf. It also authorizes us to arrange policy adjustment, adminitration changes like new adress or a new accout number etc. on behalf of our clients.

we will handle everything for you as if it would be our own problem!

We´re there for you, discuss the different options with you, finding the best solutions with you and assisting in making an insurance contract. And even after that we will be on your side for any insurance related questions or issue. We will assist you with any questions, change request and in the event of a claim, we will also support you with the submissions.


- We are not bound to any insurance company -


video consulting
- We offer individual and personal consulting services


simple paperwork
- We take care of closing the contracts -


digital signature
- We use a certified software -


Time saving
- One contact person for all questions and changes -


Support in case of damage
- We help you to get your money as fast and easy as possible -


easy management
- We call the insurer for you and clarify your procedures -


Which Insurances Are Important for you?

If you are moving to Germany temporarily to work here, there are some private insurance policies you should know about. Above all, you should have heard about our social insurance system. 

1. Private Insurance

If you are moving to Germany temporarily to work here, there are some insurance policies you should know about. We give you an overview of the costs, the benefits and explain why you might need these insurance products.

1. Social Insurance System

Above all, you should have heard about our social insurance system. Since the social and private insurances in Germany are very closely connected. We give you a brief overview with 3 main facts for each social insurance.

GEt in TOuch with Vordenker

And what happens next?


First we will send you an InSign link with our brokerage agreement including power of attorney and privacy policy. You can sign this document digitally - no waste of paper.

Afterwards we will send you offers for private insurances via email. We will write you some more explanations in the email. However, it would be good to know in advance which of the private insurances are interesting for you. So please have a look at the information before you make your request.

As soon as you have decided, we will conclude insurance contracts online on your behalf. You will then receive the documents directly from the insurer.


Now you are insured and can contact us at any time if you have any questions, requests for changes or news about your situation.

One last tip at the end:

Be A Vordenker ;D

Aylin & Sophie